Micro:bit artThings

Connecting Micro:bits to artThings

Micro:bit artThings

Micro:bit artThings allows digital artworks made with BBC Micro:bits to connect to the internet via the artThings MQTT system. It can be used to create artworks that combine Micro:bit hardware – including sensors and controllers – with mobile and desktop internet applications.

Micro:bit artThings is made of three key elements: 1) the Micro:bit clients, Micro:bits that are running your applications; 2) a Micro:bit server, a dedicated Micro:bit that listens for messages from nearby clients and sends them to a host via a serial connection; and 3) an internet-connected host, that listens to the serial connection and exchanges messages with the artThings network via MQTT.

The project will be made available for free download towards the end of summer 2021, once full testing has taken place. By then we will know how many clients can be supported at one time, and recommend maximum ranges and message rates.