Arts Award Courses

We are in the process of making all of our computer art training courses for young people Arts Award compatible. This means that not only will they be better structured, with clearer learning outcomes for students, but the courses also be able to contribute to an Arts Award qualification (although they'll still work fine as stand-alone courses).

We are starting by offering our own Arts Award Discover courses. Our ambition is to eventually develop a computer art teaching programme that will take a young person right up to Arts Award Gold. This will take time, and we will need to find collaborators to achieve it, but we think it's going to be a fun journey. We will be sharing as many of our teaching resources as we can on this page. If you want to talk to us about getting Interact involved in your Arts Award programme, or are in participating in a course, please get in touch.  

Arts Award Discover

Our Arts Award Discover is the starting point in a young person's Arts Award artistic journey. The course introduces young people to computer art and artists, teaches computer art-making skills and encourages students to reflect on what they have learnt.

We are running our first two-day course on the 26th and 27th of January (1pm - 5pm)  at the Phoenix Cinema and Art Centre in Leicester. It is part of Digital Art Month and is connected to the New Generations project.  This first course is titled "Computer Drawing Arts Award" and is intended for 7 - 11-year-olds.

This course makes use of pen-and-paper and the Scratch programming language to teach computer drawing. Attendees should bring their laptops, although some laptops can be provided if needed.  Pens, graph paper and log books will also be provided, together with access to a sticker printer and A4 colour laser printer, for printing the computer artwork created. Parents and guardians can stay for the sessions. Attendees will need to do some homework preparing their log books before being assessed for their Arts Award Discover certificate.

Course Overview (With Topic Links)

Course: Computer Drawing / Arts Award Discover
Age(s): 7 - 11
Course Leader: Sean Clark
Course Contact:

Day One

Day Two

Future Arts Award Discover Courses

After the course will assess how things have gone before announcing our future Arts Award course programme. We are already hoping to run the course again during the Easter and Summer school holidays, with a wider attendee age range being considered. If you are interested get in touch.