Interact Education

Teaching Technology with Art and Art with Technology

Teaching Technology Through Art and Teaching Art Through Technology

Electronics Workshop at Phoenix, Leicester (2017).

Interact Digital Arts believes that technology and art can be taught together in ways that are fun and informative for people of all ages. We have experience of teaching computer programming, electronics, 3D printing and historic and contemporary digital art. We are able to run workshops for young people, students, artists and the general public. Recently, we have starting to release many of our educational projects online. This includes Scratch programs and 3D models.

Our current educational focus is on Scratch, Micro:bit, Raspberry Pi, Python and 3D Printing, but we are able to work with most other 'digital making' technologies, such as Arduino and Processing. We also have an ongoing arts interest in generative art, connected digital art, computer drawing and interactive lighting. Get in touch if you are interested in working with us on an education project.

Recent Work



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