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Images in the Style of

Images in the Style of Well-known Digital Artists

Computer Drawing Workshop

Computer drawing workshop, GDUT, China (2021)

This growing collection of simple Scratch programs create images "in the style of" well-known digital artists (plus some other designs). Remember, the original artworks are often far more complex and much better composed than these images! However, the programs do demonstrate some of the techniques used by the artists. A link to the artist's website is shown where available. Feel free to remix the Scratch programs as much as you like to help you better understand them. At some point, we will look to make Python versions of the programs.

Scratch Programs

Scratch Drawing Machines

This is an ongoing project to create "drawing machines" in Scratch in the style of the analogue machines made by DP Henry, Jack Tait and others. We started coding it by imagining a pen connected to a mechanism made of rotating wheels and connecting rods - just like the original drawing machines - but the project is already starting to follow its own direction, combining elements of both analogue and digital machines. See our Drawing Machine Studio on Scratch for different versions of the machine. New programs are added regularly.

DM 01: Press the green flag to cycle through drawing presets.

Computer Drawing Workshops Gallery