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Billion o'Clock Live Event, Leicester, March 2023

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1st February 2023

Workshop: Connected Art and a Collouy of Micro:bits

Workshop: Connected Art and a Collo uy of Micro:bits (on Eventbrite)

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5th January - 5th March 2023

Prisms Exhibition. Sydney

Prisms of Influence: Echoes from the Colour in the Code

The Prisms of Influence exhibition, featuring work by Sean Clark, is currently taking place at the Mosman Art Gallery in Sydney in support of Ernest Edmond's solo exhibition.

18th November 2022

Homeostasis - Stephen Scrivener

Homeostasis - Stephen Scrivener

We have been working with Stephen Scrivener to recreate his pioneering early 1970s interactive artwork, Homeostasis. The work will be exhibited un Sydney in early 2023.

16th November 2022

Ernest Edmonds at 80

Ernest Edmonds at 80

An exhibition of work by pioneering computer artist Ernest Edmonds opened on the 16th of November at the British Computer Society, London and will remain on show until the end of January 2023.

4th – 8th July 2022

EVA London 2022

EVA London 2022

Held annually in July, EVA London is one of the international Electronic Visualisation & the Arts conferences. This year's EVA London runs from the 4th until the 8th July 2022.

2nd July 2022

billion o'clock live

billion o'clock's debut album, 'The Grief Whole' was released in the summer of 2021 on experimental cassette imprint Solium Records. One year on, the noise/rap collective took over LCB Depot for a unique anniversary celebration.

June 2022

GDUT Creative Technology Workshop

The latest GDUT Creative Technology Workshop took place in June. The main project task was to create an interactive lamp using the Micro:bit. Videos of each project are now available.

28th April 2022

Leicester Digital Artists Talk (on YouTube)

Leicester Digital Artists Talk (on YouTube)

Online presentations from Ernest Edmonds, Stephen Scrivener, Stephen Bell, Sean Clark and Dave Everitt. Part of the Leicester Digital Artists Pioneers project. 

8th April 2022

Monobloc @ Beta X

As part of the Beta X project at 72 Church Gate, Leicester members of Monobloc organised a range of digital arts activities that tplace in March and April 2022.

8th April 2022

Church Gate Soundscape (on YouTube)

A Soundscape for Church Gate is an atmospheric audio experience that charts the story of this historic street from the 15th Century through to the present day.