Interact Updates


March - June 2024

 Alex May Algorithmic Photography
Computer Arts Society Exhibition

Alex May's algorithmic photography techniquecompresses elapsed time into single images. Exhibition in London and Leicester. 

March 2024 - June 2024

Jack Tait Retrospective
Computer Arts Society Exhibition

An exhibition of images made by Jack Tait using his electromechanical drawing machines. Exhibition in Leicester and London.

March 2024

Micro:bit Champion 2024

Sean Clark has been made a Micro:bit Champion. He will use the opportunity to continue developing Interact's computer art education programme.

January 2024

New Generations

New Generations

A project using Leiester's computer art history and the Computer Arts Archive to inspire contemporary artists and young people.


25th November 2023

A Colloquy of Micro:bits

A Colloquy of Micro:bits

An interactive art experiment using Micro:bit micro-controllers installed at the Institute as part of Loughborough Lates.

November 2023 - January 2024

Leicester Computer Art Pioneers
Computer Arts Society

This exhibition, researched and curated by Sean Clark, explores the early history of computer art in Leicester and Leicestershire.

May/June 2023

Quantel Paintbox Exhibition
Computer Arts Society

The Quantel Paintbox was an early computer graphics and video tool that rose to prominence in the 1980s and 1990s.

7th April - 30th June 2023

Place and Memory at Phoenix, Leicester

Place and Memory is an exhibition that explores 60 years of activity at Phoenix in Leicester.

9th March 2023

Paul Brown Retrospective
Computer Arts Society

Interact has been working with the Computer Arts Society to present a retrospective of artwork by Paul Brown at the BCS in London. It will be on show until the end of June 2023.

5th March 2023

Billion o'Clock Live Event

Billion o'Clock plus guests live at Ole Moses Cabin in Leicester on the 5th March 2023. Interact's Sean Clark contributed sound and visuals.

5th January - 5th March 2023

Prisms Exhibition. Sydney

Prisms of Influence: Echoes from the Colour in the Code

The Prisms of Influence exhibition, featuring work by Sean Clark, is currently taking place at the Mosman Art Gallery in Sydney in support of Ernest Edmond's solo exhibition.

January 2023

Digital Art Month 2023

Digital Art Month at the LCB Depot is now an established part of  Leicester's digital art scene, Sean Clark contributed some new work in progress to the exhibition at LCB.


18th November 2022

Homeostasis - Stephen Scrivener

Homeostasis - Stephen Scrivener

We have been working with Stephen Scrivener to recreate his pioneering early 1970s interactive artwork, Homeostasis. The work will be exhibited un Sydney in early 2023.

16th November 2022

Ernest Edmonds at 80

Ernest Edmonds at 80

An exhibition of work by pioneering computer artist Ernest Edmonds opened on the 16th of November at the British Computer Society, London and will remain on show until the end of January 2023.

4th July 2022

EVA London 2022

EVA London 2022

Held annually in July, EVA London is one of the international Electronic Visualisation & the Arts conferences. This year's EVA London runs from the 4th until the 8th July 2022.

2nd July 2022

billion o'clock live

billion o'clock's debut album, 'The Grief Whole' was released in the summer of 2021 on experimental cassette imprint Solium Records. One year on, the noise/rap collective took over LCB Depot for a unique anniversary celebration.

28th April 2022

Leicester Digital Artists Talk (on YouTube)

Leicester Digital Artists Talk (on YouTube)

Online presentations from Ernest Edmonds, Stephen Scrivener, Stephen Bell, Sean Clark and Dave Everitt. Part of the Leicester Digital Artists Pioneers project. 

8th April 2022

Monobloc @ Beta X

As part of the Beta X project at 72 Church Gate, Leicester members of Monobloc organised a range of digital arts activities that tplace in March and April 2022.

8th April 2022

Church Gate Soundscape (on YouTube)

A Soundscape for Church Gate is an atmospheric audio experience that charts the story of this historic street from the 15th Century through to the present day.

8th April 2022

Interact Live at Beta X

Interact Live @ Beta X

Join us at Beta X, Leicester's newest arts venue, for the launch of the Church Gate soundscape by Whispered Tales followed by live electronic music and visuals from R10 and Swehttam.

4th - 22nd April 2022

Leicester Digital Art Pioneers Pt2

Leicester Digital Art Pioneers Pt2

Leicester and Leicestershire have an important role in the development of digital and computational art. Part 2 of the exhibition features work by Stephen Scrivener and Stephen Bell.

9th - 20th March 2022

Leicester Pioneers

Leicester Digital Art Pioneers

Lighting The Way is our engagement programme for the Light Up Leicester 2022 festival. It involves workshops and artist commissions.

3rd - 6th March 2022

The Light Cafe

The Light Café

During the Light Up Leicester 2022 festival, 72 Church Gate will become The Light Café - a venue showing light works by locally-based artists Andy Harper & Leonie DuBarry-Gurr, Joe Moran, Paul Mazzitelli & Tony Coleman, and Sean Clark.

7th February 2022

Page: Cybernetic Ecology Symposium

Cybernetic Ecology Symposium

Join artists Genetic Moo and authors Stephan Harding and Jeremy Lent for a screening of Animate Earth, followed by a panel discussion about art, ecology, and connectedness hosted by artist/researcher Sean Clark.

7th February 2022

Lighting The Way

Lighting The Way

Lighting The Way is our engagement programme for the Light Up Leicester 2022 festival. It involves workshops and artist commissions.


3rd January 2022


The "Thingmy", a 3D-printable Micro:bit battery holder that can be used as the handheld "controller" part of a Micro:bit artThngs art installation

24th December 2021

Creative Technology Workshops

Creative Technology Workshops

The latest Creative Technology workshop at GDUT. in China involved Scratch programming, computer drawing and Micro:bit controlled lighting.

3rd December 2021

Xmas in Leicester

Xmas in Leicester

Sean Clark has created some new a Xmas interactives to run on the large projector in Green Dragon Square. 

20th October 2021

Interact Live @ The Exchange

Interact Live @ The Exchange

We hosted a packed evening of live music and multimedia to help close the Interacxt Gallery pop-up exhibition.

3rd October 2021

Interact Gallery @ Design Season 2021

Interact Gallery @ Design Season 2021

To help celebrate 10 years of Interact Digital Arts, we are hosting a pop-up exhibition on Granby Street.

16th July 2021

Images in the Style Of

Images in the Style of

We are starting to publically release some of the teaching materials we use  on our computer drawing courses.

14th July 2021

EVA London 2021

EVA London Conference

We presented some of our work with Micro Arts and FE Art Lab at EVA London 2021. Videos are now available.

28th June 2021

The Happiness Rocket

The Happiness Rocket

This was a great school project with Little Inventors. The 3D printable models are now available for download.

26th June 2021

GDUT Creative Technology

GDUT Creative Technology

Our latest GDUT Creative Technology course resulted in some innovative designs for interactive lighting.

17th June 2021

Interact Live

Interact Live, LCB Depot, Leicester

Our first live event for 18 months takes place on Saturday 26th June. It will also be streamed online.