Prisms of Influence: Echos From the Colour in the Code (2023)

Prisms of Influence: Echos from the Colour in the Code

To accompany the Ernest Edmonds: The Colour in the Code exhibition at Mosman Art Gallery in Sydney between January and March 2023, Deborah Turnbull-Tillman curated Prisms of Influence: Echos from the Colour in the Code. This features work by artists who have worked with Ernest Edmonds over the years, many as students.

In PRISMS, invited artists have been asked to select works; either made when in close contact with Edmonds, or at a later stage in their process. Sources of influence could be social, material, or medium-based and connections can be made across light, sound, and networks. These artists were selected with Edmonds to demonstrate a cohort of practice that spans 6 decades (1969- present), bringing together artists from Australia and the UK. Paintings, digital and responsive works, and documented performances trace a shift in materiality as the traditional observer becomes an intrigued participant. [Mosman Art Gallery]

Sean Clark from Interact Digital Arts is one such artist, having completed his Phd under Ernest Edmonds, and he was invited to submit a piece to the exhibition.  He created a new work entitled 1122.1 Sydney (2022) which consisted of sixteen computer-generated printed images arranged in a 4 x 4 grid. The piece is from Sean Clark's Computational Constructs series and part of what Sean expects to be an intensive year of creating and showing new work.

The exhibition also features Homeostasis by Stephen Scrivener. A recreation of Scrivener's early 1970s artworks that Sean Clark helped to reconstruct.  Photographs Mosman Art Gallery, Sydney, 2023. Image courtesy the artist and Mosman Art Gallery, Photographer: Jacquie Manning.

11.22.1 Sydney (2022) by Sean Clark. Part of Computational Constructs.

PRISMS exhibition, Mosman Art Gallery, Sydney, Australia.

Homeostasis (2022) by Stephen Scrivener.