Interact Education Programme

Interact Digital Arts has been running workshops and training courses for over 10 years. We have covered many topics, including 3D printing, Arduino programming, creative electronics, programming with Micro:bit, music with microcontrollers and computer drawing. However, we have never formalised what we do as part of an "education programme". Starting in 2024 we have decided to address this and are grouping our workshops into eight key art and technology areas. We are also looking to deliver these as part of the Arts Award programme and are aiming to standardise our work with micro-controllers on the BBC Micro:bit.

Core Subject Areas

2. Generative Art with Scratch

3. Drawing Machines and Drawing Robots

4. Interactive Light Sculptures

5. Sound and Music

6. Fashion and Wearables

7. Connected Art with Micro:bit artThings

8. Robotic Art and Artificial Intelligence