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Micro:bit artThings

Connecting Micro:bits to artThings

Micro:bit artThings

Micro:bit artThings allows digital artworks made with BBC Micro:bits to connect to the internet via the artThings MQTT system. It can be used to create artworks that combine Micro:bit hardware – including sensors and controllers – with mobile and desktop internet applications.

Micro:bit artThings is made of three key elements: 1) the Micro:bit clients, Micro:bits that are running your applications; 2) a Micro:bit server, a dedicated Micro:bit that listens for messages from nearby clients and sends them to a host via a serial connection; and 3) an internet-connected host, that listens to the serial connection and exchanges messages with the artThings network via MQTT.

The project is still a work in progress. Get in touch for more information.