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Virtual Reality Guangchai Porcelain, 2021.

The FE Art Lab undertakes research into a wide range of creative topics. Including Virtual and Augmented Reality (VR & AR), Artificial Intelligence, pedagogy and educational practice, digital arts, cross-cultural communication, and Human-Computer Interaction (HCI). Many of our publications can be found on ResearchGate.

A common thread running through our research is the study and presentation of Cantonese porcelain (Guangchai). Many of our projects feature 3D models and images of Guangchai and aim to promote the intangible cultural heritage of this ancient Chinese craft.

Introducing Guangchai Using Virtual Reality

Selected Publications

Research on Immersive Virtual Reality Display Design Mode of Cantonese Porcelain Based on Embodied Interaction
Shengyang Zhong, Yi Ji, Xingyang Dai & Sean Clark
Proceedings of the 23rd HCI International Conference, HCII 2021

A framework of Traditional Handicraft Creative Practice towards Human Engaged Computing
Peng Tan, Shengyang Zhong, Yi Ji & Sean Clark

Extraction and Reuse of Pattern Configuration for Personalized Customization of Cantonese Porcelain Based on Artificial Intelligence
Yi Ji, Xiaohong Sun, Xingyang Dai, Sean Clark, Yutong, Liu & Tieming Fu
Human-Computer Interaction. Human Values and Quality of Life 2020

East Meets West: UK/China creative collaborations (PDF Available)
Sean Clark, Yi Ji, , Xiaoying Tang & Hai Fang
Proceedings of EVA London 2019

Creative Connections: East Meets West (PDF Available)
Sean Clark & Yi Ji
Exhibition Catalogue 2018

The Virtual Recreation of a Ming Dynasty Pailou Gate (PDF Available)
Yi Ji & Sean Clark
Proceedings of EVA London 2018

For further information about our research please contact Dr Yi Ji at jiyi001@hotmail.com. We are particularly interested in academic cultural exchanges and collaborative research opportunities.